"I Can't Believe What I'm Witnessing"

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  1. Anze Tersek

    Anze Tersek

    35 minuuttia sitten

    kdor ne skače ni slovenc hej hej hej ...........slovenija

  2. Xeno Vuitton

    Xeno Vuitton

    Päivä sitten

    I have an autographed ball from him that year got it at a season game

  3. _thatdoublelife815IL


    3 päivää sitten

    He’s so underrated that I forget he’s underrated

  4. Rebecca Harris

    Rebecca Harris

    6 päivää sitten

    4:37 I can't tell which Isiah Thomas that is

  5. Rebecca Harris

    Rebecca Harris

    6 päivää sitten

    Dragic: gets buzzer beater stuck that could've won a playoff series Me: "I Can't Believe what I'm witnessing"

  6. Gabriel Lockett

    Gabriel Lockett

    7 päivää sitten

    Think about it. He beat Micheal Jordan on 4th quarter points. That' wild.

  7. pkx koo

    pkx koo

    10 päivää sitten

    this video goated

  8. Matthew O'Conner

    Matthew O'Conner

    10 päivää sitten

    He must’ve had some good coke

  9. Sky zombie45

    Sky zombie45

    16 päivää sitten

    Great stuff man

  10. someasiankid


    17 päivää sitten

    dragic almost got a ring

  11. Clark G

    Clark G

    18 päivää sitten

    When your hot your hot, lets hope it never stops.

  12. sm1ttysav


    21 päivä sitten

    Damn u got me! I thought it was Kobe!

  13. Z R.Y

    Z R.Y

    22 päivää sitten

    as long as you put out the hard work, you maintain your legend.

  14. M Frusciante

    M Frusciante

    24 päivää sitten

    He has some longgg ass arms

  15. no gabs

    no gabs

    24 päivää sitten

    how can people dislike this video.

  16. Ram M

    Ram M

    24 päivää sitten

    I remember this game... My Spurs got manhandled! :( Give all the credit to Dragic... He deserves it!

  17. Manuh


    24 päivää sitten


  18. jackhammer23


    25 päivää sitten

    They’ve been sleeping on him for years. Dudes literally my favorite best kept secret NBA player.

  19. Terry Petty

    Terry Petty

    25 päivää sitten

    He was a perfect fit for Phoenix, IMO.

  20. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran

    25 päivää sitten

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  21. arco baleno

    arco baleno

    26 päivää sitten

    Nate Robinson was a beast.



    26 päivää sitten

    He was sounding pike his wisdom tooth has been removed 15 minutes before the interview

  23. SlushyMist


    26 päivää sitten

    This man got his takeover

  24. YouCanCallMeLizzy


    27 päivää sitten

    Yeah, well starters rarely play the 4th. Especially when winning.

  25. Kennyy03


    28 päivää sitten

    Goron Dragiç Suns was a beast man and even now like to me he a hall of fame bench player like Lou man at least to me

  26. David Folsom

    David Folsom

    29 päivää sitten

    fyi, he also did it 10 years ago when scoring was even less rofl.

  27. Chandler Rodgers

    Chandler Rodgers

    29 päivää sitten

    I liked him a lot in Phoenix, but we were clowning with point guards back in the early 2010s

  28. Todor Kolev

    Todor Kolev

    29 päivää sitten

    Basketball has that magic moment. If you've played it - you know... A few times in your playing "career" (be that pro or just streetball with friends), you will be visited by the basketball fairy. She will touch you with a little magic and, at that point, doesn't matter if you are 5'7", you will feel like a man playing with children... Doesn't matter you shoot from the chest - they all go in like the rim is 6 foot wide... Somehow, all your passes will be assists and the players attacking you can't score to save their lives. Tomorrow, you go again, you get picked first this time, your team mates look out for you - but it's not the same. You've gone back to your usual game (be that average or you suck)... The magic wore off... But that's OK - you had 'em! For only a little while - but you felt what it is to be a problem. Basketball, no matter how many new statistical tools are invented, can only be fully measured by how it feels right there with the ball in your hands!

  29. aj dileo

    aj dileo

    Uukausi sitten

    When you get the hot hand everything seems easy.

  30. Siouxperman


    Uukausi sitten

    PHX Suns is my team and I do remember watching the Dragon as well as Barbosa.

  31. Journeyman2585


    Uukausi sitten

    I remember watching this game, but seeing that chart really puts what he did into perspective. What a legend.

  32. Star Child Beats

    Star Child Beats

    Uukausi sitten

    Nigga hit the Ultra Instinct in the 4th quarter lmaoo

  33. vroom221


    Uukausi sitten

    the fact that theres basketball history from 2010-20 and im 22 makes me sad i still remember the Heat Big 3 like it was yesterday ;-;

  34. Nick Scheidt

    Nick Scheidt

    Uukausi sitten

    Jesus loves you

  35. zhongcai jiang

    zhongcai jiang

    Uukausi sitten

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  36. KraZe Bombzy

    KraZe Bombzy

    Uukausi sitten

    Notice how you don’t see lebron anywhere in the top points scored in 4th quarter in playoffs

  37. Nelson Ibis

    Nelson Ibis

    Uukausi sitten

    Why is it that whenever someone explodes ridiculously in the 4th, it is against the Spurs? 😅😂

  38. Guinea54


    Uukausi sitten

    why isn't the question being asked why this is the case? How could someone be an "average" benched player and then suddenly let loose and break NBA records and look like one of the best players to play the game? Is there something more to these stories that people are overlooking? Seems to be a common theme I am starting to notice.

  39. Nullas Bing

    Nullas Bing

    Uukausi sitten

    Really loved how Dragic got highly appreciated in this video.

  40. Mario Chaparro

    Mario Chaparro

    Uukausi sitten

    Reggie dropped 25 in the 4th against the knicks in game 5 of the 94 playoffs

  41. yking1


    Uukausi sitten

    "Among the thousands and thousands of Playoff games" Boi. The league is around for almost 80 years, not centuries

  42. Khalid Saleh

    Khalid Saleh

    Uukausi sitten

    I love the dragon

  43. Dry Rain

    Dry Rain

    Uukausi sitten

    nice underdog player, rooting for him

  44. Kevin Barker

    Kevin Barker

    Uukausi sitten

    my boy gogi :D

  45. Botter Minato

    Botter Minato

    Uukausi sitten

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  46. erfansvideos


    Uukausi sitten

    He’s 2nd best in most points in NBA History. Hence his jersey # 2

  47. Stelios Goutziamanis

    Stelios Goutziamanis

    Uukausi sitten

    Like never before, meanwhile A.I. Has 26 in 2001.

  48. hong hoang

    hong hoang

    Uukausi sitten

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  49. Yang Tommy

    Yang Tommy

    Uukausi sitten

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  50. Joseph Janick

    Joseph Janick

    Uukausi sitten

    Why, Robert Sarver, did you not keep him? Why? WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Andrew Ruiz

    Andrew Ruiz

    Uukausi sitten

    suns content!!💜🔥

    • Andrew Ruiz

      Andrew Ruiz

      Uukausi sitten

      Phx still loves u Dragon!

  52. Joke


    Uukausi sitten

    He is in the zone

  53. Jether RJ Ronato

    Jether RJ Ronato

    Uukausi sitten

    Deep zone?

  54. goodvibrations6


    Uukausi sitten

    what is box plus/minus?

  55. Grant Smith

    Grant Smith

    Uukausi sitten

    I think you mightve put the wrong IT under 2017 playoff performances stat

  56. Tolly Gig

    Tolly Gig

    Uukausi sitten

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  57. Tolly Gig

    Tolly Gig

    Uukausi sitten

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  58. Micheal Belt

    Micheal Belt

    Uukausi sitten

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  59. Ned Flanders

    Ned Flanders

    Uukausi sitten

    When i clicked on the video I assumed it was going to be about him losing teeth during games.

  60. Essag Ghim

    Essag Ghim

    Uukausi sitten

    Underrated because he's not marketable. Money makes the world go round, this world is all bs sometimes lol

  61. Tim Barklow

    Tim Barklow

    Uukausi sitten

    You put up a picture of the wrong Isiah Thomas hahaahahaha

  62. PostFade


    Uukausi sitten

    I hope Dragic sees this

  63. Cassius 2206

    Cassius 2206

    Uukausi sitten

    I'm not trying to take away his highlight reel, but that stat about 4th quarter is incredibly deceptive. Other players mentioned in the list put all their efforts in as starters, while Dragic came alive in the 4th. Not only was he relatively not fatigued, the opponents have almost drained all their stamina. You can't compare him against those players in the list. Again, not taking away his great moment, but that stat number was an anomaly that you wouldn't usually put in an analysis, because of different conditions and context and whatnot. Maybe have it bench players only, then you got a more relevant stat.

    • playmakerzam


      Uukausi sitten

      the problem is no bench player plays like that during the 4th so that argument is kinda pointless

  64. Derek G

    Derek G

    Uukausi sitten

    I don’t watch basketball, but these videos I keep getting recommended are fire.

  65. Lucille J Ames

    Lucille J Ames

    Uukausi sitten

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  66. Tevyn Monismith

    Tevyn Monismith

    Uukausi sitten

    Fuck Nate Robinson. Got beat tf up and embarassed

  67. zach johnson

    zach johnson

    Uukausi sitten

    Idk why but I had no interest in basketball up until today. March 22, 2021. Your videos are awesome. Keep up the good work.

  68. Jon Hohensee

    Jon Hohensee

    Uukausi sitten

    At first I thought the narrator said "... just another WHITE-eyed kid...". I laughed and laughed. Then laughed some more. You should have been there.

  69. TJP 81

    TJP 81

    Uukausi sitten

    Faustian bargain, for sure.

  70. Crazy Larry

    Crazy Larry

    Uukausi sitten

    It’s cool to see these Euro players come to US and hold their own against the best Black players

  71. Shadow Jenkins

    Shadow Jenkins

    Uukausi sitten

    This guy was playing pokemon, while everyone was playing basketball, he comes in with: "Michael Jordan, i choose you" in the 4th quarter.

  72. Ethan


    Uukausi sitten

    As a suns fan I love Goran. I’ll adore him forever

  73. v


    Uukausi sitten

    1:40 racist comment "white kid"

  74. McBuckets _

    McBuckets _

    Uukausi sitten

    You forgotten the of the king forth quarter Isaiah Thomas

  75. Anthony Norman

    Anthony Norman

    Uukausi sitten

    I can't believe the interview footage is from 2010. It looks like 04

  76. Realin2gaming


    Uukausi sitten

    Goran gorane!!!!!!!

  77. Patrick McGraw

    Patrick McGraw

    Uukausi sitten

    When they started writing Marxist propaganda on the jerseys is when I stopped watching.

  78. Cheech Marin

    Cheech Marin

    Uukausi sitten

    "Goran the Dragić cannot be destroyed, Ginobili, son of SA Spurs, by any craft that we here possess!"

  79. J W

    J W

    Uukausi sitten

    the first ever linsanity before linsanity was a thing

  80. bromero66 6

    bromero66 6

    Uukausi sitten

    The Steve Nash understudy. Love this guy

  81. Carolyn Ward

    Carolyn Ward

    Uukausi sitten

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  82. D


    Uukausi sitten

    This guy has been at least good for soooo long now it's crazy

  83. John Franklin

    John Franklin

    Uukausi sitten

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  84. Clap clap

    Clap clap

    Uukausi sitten

    Hot damnn, when your so deep in the zone you pull off moves youve never done before. This actually happnes to most of us in 1 point of our livesor more, well not at this level but in the same sense none the less.

  85. Patricio Pino

    Patricio Pino

    Uukausi sitten

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  86. Ayo Iji

    Ayo Iji

    Uukausi sitten

    Goran was always like this. But D'antoni always kept his players on too short a leash. D'antoni was terrible at helping rookies gain confidence. Alvin Gentry opened the door for Dragic by giving him minutes despite his mistakes.



    Uukausi sitten

    most i know about nba is from 2k games and he i dont think has ever been rated above 80 makes me want to reinstall 2k11 and make him my superstar

  88. Hi Asf

    Hi Asf

    Uukausi sitten

    Nba supervisors are clowns, other players have talent .

  89. Sakechia


    Uukausi sitten

    He just dropped 20 in the 4th QTR a few days ago!

  90. jims0udis


    Uukausi sitten

    Its like Chris Smoove took over his 2k career mode

  91. King Bishop

    King Bishop

    Uukausi sitten

    I love how everyone gets hyped over an NBA player! They are all great ball players hence why they are in the league

  92. Gabrielle Uy

    Gabrielle Uy

    Uukausi sitten

    Thought that was benedict cumberbatch for a sec

  93. Seth Bartolome

    Seth Bartolome

    Uukausi sitten

    jamal murray jamal murray jamal murray

  94. Justin Shoats

    Justin Shoats

    Uukausi sitten

    "Its a tight game from the tip off" well no shit cuz the score would be 0-0

  95. Meech Mekonen

    Meech Mekonen

    Uukausi sitten

    Jimmy your a genius

  96. Its notme

    Its notme

    Uukausi sitten

    He just dropped 20 in the 4th quarter of a regular season game too. He's a legend

  97. Mike McMichael

    Mike McMichael

    Uukausi sitten

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  98. Slaton Huish

    Slaton Huish

    Uukausi sitten

    I remember jumping up and down watching this game! Finally beating the Spurs after a years of pain was so amazing! great video

  99. Zsa Heemer

    Zsa Heemer

    Uukausi sitten

    Boy he a bum. I can make 50 ppl in the nba right now better than him now and then. 🙄

  100. Akmal Lk

    Akmal Lk

    Uukausi sitten

    Anyone notice the 69?